A Dramatic Island Landscape and Intriguing Towns Define a Visit to This Monastery in Sardinia.

Written by eileen on October 29th, 2010

The Lido is Alghero's own beach that runs all the way form Alghero to Fertilia, a small hamlet of Alghero.

Sardinia is known as the Island of the Winds. Offshore breezes continue year round. The island of Sardina is a place unto itself. A place of dramatic rolling uplands and a coastline with hidden coves, sandy beaches and numerous caves. A place where ancient traditions are revealed in the island’s many festivals. Once occupied by the Phoenicians and Etruscan societies, remnants of these civilizations attest to their part of Sardinia’s history. There are some distinguished Pisan-Romanesque churches around Sassari and the dialect often spoken is reminiscent with the languages of Tuscany. Although most of Sardinia remains relatively free of tourists, the luxurious and exclusive coastal area of Costa Smeralda attracts a wealthy crowd.

At the centre of the Nuraghe di Palmavera complex is a palace dating back to the 1300s BC. Nuraghe Di Palmavera Palace The tholos or beehive construction of the central tower can be seen from inside the main chamber.

Alghero is a pretty seaside town founded on a peninsula facing the Bay of Alghero. An ancient feudal territory of theGenoese, in 1353, the Catalans took possession of the town and called it Barceloneta. Six centuries have passed since that time yet the Spanish influence endures, its indelible mark apparent in the language, folklore and architecture including the mighty fortifications that define the landscape.

Sardinia’s country is scattered with the remains of the nuragic civilization, a prehistoric settlement of Sardinia This singular and enigmatic culture is characterized by the intriguing nuraghe, truncated conical structures built from huge basalt blocks excavated from extinct volcanoes. The round vaulted interiors are linked by corridors and stairways to upper terraces No two structures are alike. Almost nothing is known of this culture a fact that serves to enhance its mysterious appeal.


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