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Eileen Barish is a multiple award-winning author and nationally known niche-travel expert. Eileen’s books have been reviewed by over 1500 publications. She is a contributing columnist to national magazines including GUEST INFORMANT, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER and NEWSWEEK and is a frequent guest on CNN and other networks. Eileen’s sage advice in her articles and books on unusual travel experiences has enriched the lives of hundred’s of thousands of her readers. Her current books are available at all major bookstores or by calling 1.800.638.3637 and include:

Lodging In Italy’s Monasteries

Lodging In France’s Monasteries

Lodging In Britain’s Monasteries

Lodging In Spain’s Monasteries

Best Spas USA

Vacationing With Your Pet

Doin’ California With Your Pooch

Doin’ Arizona With Your Pooch

Doin’ The Northwest With Your Pooch

Doin’ Texas With Your Pooch

Doin’ New York With Your Pooch.

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  1. Mal says:

    Are you books available in a Kindle format?

  2. Céline Berthelot says:

    Mrs Barish,
    I just discovered your website last week and I have ordered your book about Monasteries in France.
    Could you tell me if one week is the limit to stay in a monastery ?
    I can;t wait to receive your book! I don’t know when it was first published but if it was many years ago, what is the best way to verify if they still offer accommodation ?
    Thank you,

  3. eileen says:

    Hello Celine

    Each monastery has its own rules about length of stay but most of them permit a stay of at least 7 days. To answer your other question – Even though change in monastery policy for guests remains rather stable, you should always confirm the monastery’s accomodation guidelines.


  4. Céline Berthelot says:

    Mrs Barish,
    Using your book about accommodations in France, I have been trying to contact ” Association Marie-Clotilde ” in Nice. The e-mail adress didn’t work. Would you have another e-mail adress that I could you use ?
    Thsnk you,

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