Beat the Euro… Stay In Beautiful French Monasteries For About $40 a Night

Written by eileen on December 15th, 2009

Stay at a monastery, convent or maison in many of the charming towns and cities of France and pay a fraction of what it would cost you in any hotel.

Do as the Europeans have been doing for centuries. Enjoy the inviting atmosphere of a house devoted to making people feel welcome. Stay at a monastery, convent or maison in many of the charming towns and cities of France and pay a fraction of what it would cost you in any hotel.  Most include breakfast in the nightly charge. Some offer half or full pension as well. Some only ask for a voluntary contribution. There’s no greater bargain to be had anywhere in France. There is no religious obligation and accommodations are open to all.

One of the regions often overlooked by many travelers from the United States is Alsace-Lorraine, a setting of significant beauty, a land of rolling meadows and vineyards bathed in sunshine and mountain forests that grow right up to the banks of the Rhine. Here you will find a patchwork of beautiful landscapes, outstanding architectural heritage and handsome, region-based crafts that have been made for centuries.

Alsace stretches like a narrow ribbon from the Swiss border in the south to the German border north of Strasbourg. The famous Route du Vin winds its way through seventy-five miles of storybook villages past houses with gabled roofs and chimneys topped with stork nests. Influenced by the German language, architecture and cuisine and cradled by the Vosges and the Rhine, it represents an altogether alluring milieu.

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  1. I would like to plan a walk of perhaps six weeks between French monasteries and convents. Is there a map that can give me an overview?

    Thank you for your fine blog.

  2. eileen says:

    No, there is no map however if you obtain a Michelin Guide Road Map for France, it details every road and village. It would be invaluable for your walking itinerary and most helpful with locating monasteries from my book while you plot your voyage.

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