Library Journal review of LODGING IN ITALY’S MONASTERIES

See the monasteries of Italy here: Italy video 1
See the monasteries of Italy here: Italy video 2
See the monasteries of Italy here: Italy video 3


“Monasteries,” Barish writes, “are an integral part of Italy’s history and heritage and symbolize the incredibly diverse Italian culture.” By conducting extensive research at each monastery, Barish has compiled a directory of detailed, precise information for a unique Italian experience: an inexpensive travel alternative to staying in big-name hotels. Each listing provides a history of the monastery, its artwork, and products as well as local events. The travel information; accommodations, amenities, cost, directions by car/train/plane, and contact names and addresses is clearly written. Barish also adds a personal touch by including reservation form letters written in English and Italian. The photographs accompanying each listing are enticing and breathtakingly beautiful. This directory is highly recommended for public libraries.

AStephanie Papa, Baltimore Cty. Circuit Court Lib.
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  1. Jim says:

    We have a 2000 edition of your Lodging in Italy’s Monastery. We are planning another trip and want to use it again. We stayed in Rome in one and it was great.

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