William the Conqueror

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At this Retreat House you’re close enough to enjoy the sophistication of London for a fraction of what London accommodations cost … only $82.00 for half board

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Conveniently located in a popular northern suburb of London, the retreat house is minutes from the heart of London.

Conveniently located in a popular northern suburb of London, the retreat house is about forty minutes from the heart of London. It is also very close to St. Albans, an appealing old market town particularly compelling because of the Roman settlement of Verulamium, the first Roman municipium in Britain. At one time Verulamium was the third largest town in Roman Britain. The story of this ancient place is told at the Verulamium Museum in a large park at the western edge of St. Albans. There are interpretive and interactive exhibits built around the archaeological digs that detail every aspect of life in Roman times. The parkland covers much of the ancient metropolis that still possesses Roman walls and intricate, colorful mosaics preserved in situ.

Close to the House, Berkhamsted is an attractive market town set in a lush green valley. It was the place where William the Conqueror took the Throne of England from the Saxons in 1066. There is a lovely old High Street with several noted buildings. To the rear of High Street lies the picturesque Grand Union Canal. Its most scenic part is where the canal passes King’s Road, taking in old bridges and lofty warehouse buildings before heading through ancient locks on its journey to the countryside.

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